Top 7 Best Box Fan Reviews in 2021

Fresh and cooling airs are always good for health and many other benefits for living things, so it’s perfect to obtain one best box fan in the market. The box fans are working to help to draw cool air from outside into your room, home office, garage, dorm, and kitchen and pull hot air inside out to produce refreshing and cooling air. It works two ways differently.  If you do not want to use the air conditioner, you may consider using the box fan instead. At least, you can keep your place longer cool and spend less money. Below are the best box fans reviews by our team for the customers.

#7 Holmes 10-inch Personal Size Box Fan, HABF120W, Light Weight of Best Box Fan

Holmes 10-inch Personal Size Box Fan, HABF120W, Light Weight of Best Box Fan

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By Holmes

The Holmes made of 10-inch blade diameter and 2 level speed settings with the light-weight design for easy portability. With the small slim design, it allows you to pick it anywhere easily. You do not need to spend time on installation. Besides these, this item is recommended for limited space like personal space, room and small office during summer time. This box fan works quietly and efficiently. You will worry-free about noisy disruption.

With high-quality of product, the fan features two powerful speed levels to increase cooling air and circular throughout the space perfectly. Since this item can stand firmly alone, you can put it on edge or near the window. Also, you may use wire Cable U shape to attach it to the wall. Anyone has a problem with the installation, you can look at the guideline book within the box for further instruction. Additionally, you can use it for years with easy maintenance, you can unscrew and clean blades due to more dust or use a vacuum to clean.

Extra features:

  • 2 quiet levels of speed settings
  • 10 inches blade diameter
  • Weight 2 pounds (0.9 kg)

#6 Black & Decker 9 inches Frameless Tabletop Box Fan, White

Black & Decker 9 inches Frameless Tabletop Box Fan, White

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By Black & Decker

More users have been viewed this product works great. This Black & Decker box fan is different from above because it is 3 levels speed settings, so the level of the air circulation and airflow is slightly different. From the low to the high level, you will not be disturbed by its noise. This box fan works perfectly with 9 in. blade. It is perfect for your limited space like a dorm, small office, garage, and a small room. Also, this item weight 3.17 pounds equal to about 1.7 kg. It can place differently and in most comfortable places.

With the high density built-in self-standing frameless design, you can worry-free about installation. Plus, it can stand alone with no wobbly due to the weight and easy to access with front panel control. Moreover, with the simple design and a small footprint, it looks attractive and comfortable with front T-shape surface. To avoid making you stuffy, this product will help to produce non-toxic air for you to continue work effectively.

Extra features:

  • Modes of 3-speed level settings
  • 9 inches blades
  • Self-standing design
  • Weight 3.17 pounds or 1.7 kg

#5 Lasko Black Dècor Colors 20″ Best Box Fan

Lasko Black Dècor Colors 20″ Best Box Fan

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By Lasko

Lasko B204401 is the best box fan and is comprised of 20 in. box fan to provide high speed airflow and air circulation movement at the office, home, and room. With this 20 inch, there are 3 level speed settings. From 1 vol. to 3 vol. this item works well with quiet performance to reduce the noisy which can impact your working concentration. Besides these, the design of the slime side with T shape surface and back and self-standing alone. It looks attractive and comes with a portable carry hand.

Furthermore, the weight of this item is 7 pounds (3.2 kg).  With a carry handle for portability, you can get it along and help to place them differently on top or low places. For instance, you can put it on the floor in the office or living room, balcony, on the window. Besides, you do not need to worry about installation, the fan takes you quick to assemble and immediate use. Lastly, since it can replace the air condition sometimes, you can save the cost. Lastly, it will work last longer for years with simple maintenance via cleaning and washing.

Extra features:

  • 20 inches box fan – provide high air movement
  • Consume powerlessly and save cost
  • Fully assemble for immediately use
  • 3 levels of silent speed settings

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#4 Air Choice Remote Table Fan – 12 Inch Quiet Floor Fan with Adjustable Speeds & Automatic Shutoff Timer …

Air Choice Remote Table Fan - 12 Inch Quiet Floor Fan with Adjustable Speeds & Automatic Shutoff Timer, Box Fan with Sleep & Powerful Modes, Black

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By Air Choice

This best box fan is made of various features and works to help the room cooler during the summer days. This is 12 x 10.8 x 14.3 inches fan with an LED display screen with a remote control which assists you to change your settings from far away perfectly. Also, this box fan table has a function of timer swift off for any hour up to longer than 12 hours. This product features three levels of speed setting modes to produce low and fast airflow movement with the cool breeze, refreshing air, and steam air due to its 5 curved blades. Therefore, you will stay fresh and convenient without air conditions during night time and day time. This is how people can save electricity costs.

Besides above, this portable table fan is weighed 7.05 pounds (3.2 kg) and with its carry handle, you can place it where you want. It will work last for years, and it simply requires an easy mechanism. You can unscrew and clean the 5 curved blades. Even though it has 5 blades, but it produces very little noise from the fan and won’t disturb you from sleeping or working. Lastly, you will have a pleasant experience with this one.

Extra features:

  • LED display screen with remote control
  • Set timer from 1 up to 12 hours.
  • 5 curved blade with cooling air
  • 7.05 pounds (3.2 kg)

#3 Lasko 20″ Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan – Features Innovative Wind Ring System for Up to 30% More Air, 3720

Lasko 20″ Weather-Shield Performance Box Fan - Features Innovative Wind Ring System for Up to 30% More Air, 3720

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By Lasko

What makes this model Lasko 20 inches ideal? The 3 level speeds of setting modes can disperse the airflow and air movement throughout the large space in the living room, bed room, small office, and even kitchen.  Although it is 20”, it works without noise. This quiet performance can make you feel relaxed and no disturbance at all. Moreover, it cost less and can be used as a device to replace the air conditioner sometimes. However, it does not work reversibly.

Additionally, this item features a worry-free about installation or replace the old one, and it is a quick assemble and immediately put to use without need other external tools for assembly. With simple cleaning, it will be last for years. Also, this fan with Wind Ring system works better than simple standard box fans for up to 30 percentages more air velocity for years round. Finally, the weight is 9.2 pounds (4.2), but you can carry it with a handle anywhere you like. With this weight, the product is sturdy commonly, and it increases the cooling air.

Extra features:

  • Wind Ring innovative system for up to 30% more velocity
  • 3 quiet levels of speed setting
  • Fully and easily assembled
  • Come with carrying handle for portability for 9.2 pounds (4.2 kg)

#2 Holmes HBF2010AWM 20″ White 3 Speed Box Fan

Holmes HBF2010AWM 20 White 3 Speed Box Fan

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By Holmes

Not different from above best box fans, this Holmes 20 inches model are come with 3-speed levels to meet your needs. With the design of blades, it will definitely go through disperse the cooling air quickly. Also, with carrying handle, it eases for portability anywhere with the weight of 6.55 pounds (3.0 kg). It eases to use, and the product is a breeze and lasts longer for years. This item features to save cost less and work efficiently years round without disturbance. However, if you turn on the highest level speed, it may be a bit wobbly sometimes due to the weight and place you put.

Even though it is hot and summer days, this best box fan can assist you with the cooling airflow to keep you fresh and relaxed, so you won’t feel toxic or muggy which can cause your concentration loss. Plus, the compact design and weight are reasonable to save the space, so it is suitable for living room, home office, and kitchen. Therefore, with this recommended unit, you will get a new amazing experience.

Extra features:

  • Patented blade 20 inches design for highest airflow
  • No wobbly, attachable feet for extra stability
  • 3 level speed settings
  • Carry handle for ease of portability

#1 Hurricane 736501 Classic Series Portable Floor Fan, 20″, Classic and Best Box Fan, White

Hurricane 736501 Classic Series Portable Floor Fan, 20, Classic and Best Box Fan, White

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By Hurricane

Similar to the above box fan, Hurricane 736501 Portable Floor Fan is ideal for garages, workshops, office home, and dorm. It is portable with a 120-volt power cord, so it is perfect for an economical floor box fan to save cost and environment. The item is compacted and designed with the right weight of 7 pounds (3.2 kg). Also, you can place them in the corners of the room or window. It can withstand the heat.

With three levels of speed settings, the cooling air will go through the place and disperse the airflow completely easily. Something else, the fully assemble is promoting quick installation and put to use right away. About maintenance, if the item is often breeze and washing well, it can be the last longer for years. This product is an affordable and reasonable price with this remark brand.

Extra features:

  • 120-volt power cord
  • 20 inches blades
  • 3 levels of speed settings
  • Perform quiet for year-round
  • 7 pounds (3.2 kg) to stand stability


After reading through the product reviews above, you will no longer hesitate to buy one to meet your requirements at this point. Once again, you may consider main points like the reasonable prices, the product performances including a quiet speed up, consume powerlessly, no wobbly, and son. Also, the blade design and appearance look will be additional features. You are advised to read more on product information before buying the best box fan.

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