The 12 Best Floor Drill Press in 2021 – Product Reviews

Floor drill presses ensure that you have the best experience with ease and comfort. However, not all brands deliver the desired results. For that reason, you need to be careful before making a selection. The best floor drill press products chosen below will guarantee ultimate performance and convenience. Please take a look before buying one to meet your needs.

#12 Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Best Floor Drill Press

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Best Floor Drill Press

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By: Shop Fox

This is an advanced floor drill press that features the latest oscillating technology. It is an improvement from the previous model. Of course, the product meets all the safety requirements. For that reason, this is a safe and secure product that is designed to ensure that you have the best floor drilling results. Just like its desktop version, this product delivers fast and more incredible results. It features a unique oscillating spindle design that delivers effective contour sanding and unmatched performances.

Another thing, the product boasts a versatile design. For that reason, it easily converts from a sanding device to a drilling masterpiece.  And, it changes to the two functions within seconds. For that reason, you are guaranteed of efficient operations and effective results.

Extra features:

  • It boasts a simple and straightforward design
  • This is an affordable floor drill press

#11 WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed with Best Floor Drill Press

WEN 4214 12-Inch Variable Speed with Best Drill Press

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This is a powerful floor drill press. It boasts a variable speed of operation to determine different speeds. Additionally, the product boasts a tough construction that makes it durable and extremely reliable. This product delivers a uniform torque when operating. For that reason, it ensures that you have a uniform performance for added comfort and convenience. Another thing, the product comes with an excellent LED readout displays that tell the user of the current speed being used. Another thing, the excellent spindle travel design with an easy-read design makes this an advanced investment.

Moreover, the product also features a unique locking feature that stops repeated drilling functions. And yes, the front to the rear section of the motor measures about 22-inches. Therefore, the product delivers excellent drilling on different floors. It also features an excellent quill diameter of 2.17-inches. As a result, its induction motor develops an ample power and torque with ease. The motor operates at 120V, 60Hz and the class II laser module makes the product even better and perfect for its users.

Extra features:

  • The cast iron material makes it tough and durable
  • It boasts an excellent height adjustment
  • It works at an angle of 45-degrees to the right and the left
  • The package comes with all the needed tools and items

#10 WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press

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The WEN, one among best floor drill press, boasts a tough construction. It comes with a ½-inch chuck that offers excellent performances. Additionally, this product comes with an on-board key storage that offers added safety for the keys. Therefore, you won’t be losing your keys after every minute. At the same time, this floor drill press operates at different speeds. It, for instance, operates at 740, 1100, 3140 and 2100 RPM. Therefore, you choose the speed that suits your needs and the task you are undertaking.

Additionally, with its excellent spindle, the drill travels for two inches with ease. It also offers easy reading and an excellent locking mechanism. Its excellent linear locking mechanism offers accurate measurements and also eliminates repeated drilling. This way, you have effective and fast results. Something else, this product comes with a durable motor that develops an excellent power and torque.

Extra features:

  • It operates at an angle of 45 degrees to the left and the right.
  • The motor operates at 120V, 60Hz.

#9 Grizzly Industrial G7947-17″ Best Floor Drill Press

Grizzly Industrial G7947-17 Best Floor Drill Press

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By: Grizzly Industrial

This floor drill press comes with a powerful motor that delivers adequate speeds for excellent results. The motor delivers 1 1/2HP performance. Therefore, you enjoy excellent services and will, definitely, enjoy better and more reliable performances. The product boasts an overall height of 70-inches. Therefore, it is perfect for different floor drilling uses. The excellent 17-inch swing makes it even better and perfect for most DIY drilling needs. Furthermore, the product boasts convenient spindle travel of 4-3/4-inches. Therefore, you get unmatched drilling results within the shortest time possible. There are different speed options. For that reason, you choose the speed that suits your drilling needs.

Extra features:

  • It offers several speed options
  • The product guarantees excellent results

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#8 General International 20” Floor Commercial Mechanical Variable Speed press – 75-510 M1

General International 20” Floor Commercial Mechanical Variable Speed drill press - 75-510 M1

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By: General International

This floor drill press features an advanced and next-gen design that makes it a great purchase. It comes with a forced opening interrupter switch that forces it to restart when there’s an electrical fault. This is a preventive measure since it keeps the machine safe at all times. It also restarts when there’s an interruption on the power circuit. Its adjustable spindle design makes it perfect for use. This product features an adjustable tension ring with a built-in lamp that illuminates the gadget when in operation. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t include the bulb. However, that’s not quite a deal-breaker since this is meant to be a drill, not a lighting device. The built-in laser pointer also offers easy directing of the user on different functions.

Additionally, this product also features a tough and durable construction. The high-quality cast-iron head, table, and base ensure that you have years of service. Additionally, the product features high-quality bearings that offer smooth and vibration-free operations. The simple lever design offers perfect control over the different speed levels. You can choose speeds between 280 to 2100RPM.

Extra features:

  • The digital speed display offers easy operations
  • The see-through flip-up guard offers easy operations

#7 SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp, 10-Inch

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

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This floor drill press features a top-tier 1.2-inch keyed chuck that guarantees unsurpassed performances. Its unique design with a bump-off switch offers increased safety for its users. Therefore, this is a safe and secure drill that ensures you are safe at all times. With its five speeds, you can choose between 570RPM to 3050RPM. For that reason, you don’t need to worry at all about its performance and speed since you choose the one you like based on the tasks you wish to undertake. The adjustable depth also stops to prevent repetitive drilling for quick achievement of the task you have set to achieve. Additionally, this device works at an angle of 45-degree to the right or the left of the surface. Therefore, this is a great product.

Extra features:

  • This is an affordable product designed to offer excellent results
  • The laser beam offers precise hole alignments

#6 Best Floor Drill Press Stand Table

Best Floor Drill Press Stand Table for Drill Workbench Repair Tool Clamp for Drilling Collet…

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By: Lukcase

This is an ultra-duty product designed for use with different power drills. It works perfectly with power drills fitted with a collar diameter of between 33mm and 43mm. Given its versatile construction, this product works perfectly on different surfaces. It drills surfaces like sand, round workplaces or boards. And yes, the product delivers excellent results at all times. Given its affordable price, this is an economical device that will deliver perfect results without much hassle. The package includes all the necessary items and tools required in the entire drilling process. For that reason, you won’t incur extra costs while buying the tools and accessories from elsewhere.

Furthermore, the product is designed to work with drills of between 38mm to 43mm. Therefore, the product is quite versatile. What’s more, the product also includes different adjustments that limit the depth to avoid repeated drilling. You can also change the adjustments to suit different heights.

Extra features:

  • The drill collar adjusts to suit different tools
  • The stand boasts three different collar insert options

#5 WEN 4210T Best Floor Drill Press Laser, 10-inch

WEN 4210T Best Floor Drill Press Laser, 10-inch

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This set includes several extra items that make it a complete unit. For instance, it comes with the drill press, a class II laser, a ½-inch keyed chuck and the key. Therefore, this is a complete package. It also comes with the assembling tools that make assembling a breeze. The speed adjusts to five different levels. For instance, it can adjust to ranges between 600RPM to 3100RPM. Therefore, you decide the speed you wish to use for different tasks. Something else, the excellent spindle travel of up to 2-1/2-inches offers easy operations.  Moreover, this product also delivers an easy-to-read interface with excellent depth locking functions. The depth-locking function ensures that you don’t repeatedly drill a single place for long.

Extra features:

  • The durable motor offers adequate durability and excellent performances
  • The product boasts an excellent height adjustment for effective performances

#4 JDP-17MF, 16-1/2″ Floor standing Drill Press, 3/4HP 1PH 115/230V

JDP-17MF, 16-12 Floor standing Drill Press, 3 4HP 1PH 115 230V

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By: Jet Tools

This is an upper-stratum floor drill press. It features an advanced freestanding design that makes it quite adorable. Something else, the product delivers a press diameter of between 16 to ½-inches. And yes, the table model offers a tilt of 45-degrees to left or right. With the excellent 16-speed operations, you can never go wrong with this product. It offers speeds between 200 to 36030 RPM. For that reason, this is a reliable facility that can handle serious cases. The tough cast iron construction makes this product extremely durable and perfect for different users. The set also includes excellent heavy-duty steel components that make it quite durable. Going to get things at home is quite a headache.

Extra features:

  • The set includes all the necessary items required in the installation process
  • It comes with a one-year warranty

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#3 ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10″ Best Floor Drill Press

ShopSeries RK7033 6.2-Amp 10 Drill Press

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By: Rockwell

This product boasts a powerful operation that makes it a great tool for each home. It delivers a powerful 6.2-amp operation that makes it ideal for use in places where there’s no need for repetitive precision cuts. The drill works perfectly on different materials including wood, metal, and plastics. Its durable cast iron design makes it even better. For instance, the gadget works at an angle of 45-degree. The different speed options make it ideal for all users. You choose the speed that suits your needs.

Extra features:

  • The five operating speeds make it perfect
  • It comes with a two-year warranty

#2 Stark 8-inch Drill Press 5 Speed Stationary Bench 1/3 HP Motor Adjustable Workbench Wood Drilling 300w

Stark 8-inch Drill Press 5 Speed Stationary Bench 1 3 HP Motor Adjustable Workbench Wood Drilling 300w

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By: XtremepowerUS

This is a five-speed floor drill press that boasts an advanced design to ensure that you have the best experience doing undertaking normal drillings. It offers speeds of 1150, 760, 1630, 3070 RPM. The product also de3livers a powerful performance thanks to the mental wood construction. The material offers adequate resistance against different elements and ensures that you are safe at all times. Another thing, the excellent guidelines ensure that you achieve the perfect hole alignment for a great experience.

Extra features:

  • The ultra-duty base guarantees ultimate durability
  • The depth locking feature eliminates chances of repeated drilling

#1 Grizzly Industrial G7943-14″ Heavy-duty Press

Grizzly Industrial G7943-14 Heavy-Duty Bench top Drill Press

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By: Grizzly

This is a top-quality and best floor drill press. It is designed to ensure that you have the best experience while drilling. First, it features an advanced construction with ultra-grade material for enhanced comfort and convenience. Something else, the product features a tough cast iron table that is designed to ensure that you have the best experience at all times. The powder-coated finish keeps the product safe and free from corrosion and rusting. Something else, the product boasts a threaded depth stop design that eliminates the need and chances for repeated drilling on the same spot.

Extra features:

  • The cast iron material makes it durable
  • This is a portable product


In summary, looking for the best floor drill press is not an ABC affair. You need to examine the many options available on the market before settling for a specific brand. If you want to have the best experience, ensure you add one of our suggestions to your cart. With that, it means you are interested, and they meet your needs too.

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