The 7 Best Track Saw in 2022

People have different perfectives about buying the track saws. Therefore, it is difficult for some people to get the best track saw and meet their needs and interests. It always has special and necessary features for outstanding performances. It can cut the straight, curve, and other shapes. Moreover, it can cut many types of woods effective with a satisfying result. For these reasons, this is the following list of the best track saw product reviews. Please check them out below before buying one.

#7 Makita Best Track Saw SP6000J1 6-1/2 In. Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool Case and 55 In. Guide Rail

Makita Best Track Saw SP6000J1 6-1 2 In. Plunge Circular Saw Kit, with Stackable Tool Case and 55 In. Guide Rail

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By: Makita

Equipped with different features of components, this Makita saw machine is very popular among the best track saw on the market. It works perfectly and precisely with accurate woodcutting. Moreover, it can be cut straight with a blade setting for almost types of wood. This powerful 12.0 AMP motor machine works smoothly with various speed control systems to make sure it goes smoothly and timely. Therefore, you won’t worry about not cutting smoothly. For instance, this saw machine can cut the 23/16-inch length up to 7.9 feet (2.4meter). This is great and meets the standard length of woodcutting.

Additionally, this track saw is ideal for professional woodcutting and other purposes. You will be satisfied with the accurate and precise results of cuttings. For instance, it can cut large wood panels and other wood particles effectively and efficiently. Besides, this product is portable with the table saw as well. It is an additional feature. Also, this product is safe to use. Lastly, If you do not own one, you should try this best surprising track saw and get an excellent experience.

Extra features:

  • Used power electric 110 volts
  • Blade and others included
  • Item weight 28 pounds (12.7kg)

#6 DEWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1/2″ (165mm) Cordless TrackSaw Kit

DEWALT DCS520T1 Flexvolt 60V MAX 6-1 2 (165mm) Cordless TrackSaw Kit

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By: Dewalt

With a simple plunge, this track saw is a perfect wood cutting machine. The cutting system is set with the track and cut straight with the track’s attachment. With this machine, you can cut edged and straight perfectly effortlessly. Moreover, this track saw machine is an anti-kickback design and prevents knife kickback. Therefore, it is extremely safe to use. Furthermore, this uses lithium-ion batteries to operate performance. It can work with 60volts. Thus, it is easy and convenient. Also, this ergonomic product design is very attractive and looks more stylish in this modern time. You will enjoy this saw machine and get satisfying results.

Additionally, after woodcutting has been done, the machine is very easy to care for and clean. All you have to do is to extract the dust and dirt with the vacuum machine. It can be clean and safe to use for the next work. This great saw is important to have one for professionals and get help to get a job done faster and easier. It is time to stop using the old traditional saw machine.

Extra features:

  • Lithium-ion batteries included
  • The lightweight of 12.5 pounds (5.6kg)
  • Components included blade, wrench, and others

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#5 WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Best Track Saw

WEN CT1065 10-Amp 6.5-Inch Plunge Cut Sidewinder Circular Best Track Saw

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By: Wen

If you are looking for a table track saw machine with 2-1/3-inch thick rip board, this track can meet your needs. This product is 45-degree bevel cuts in boards up to 1-5/8-inches thick. With these special functions, you can cut most of all types of wood. Moreover, this table machine will help you to cut wood with an accurate result and get your job faster. There are more features to discover. It can perform a perfect internal plunge cut and is compatible with a 100-inch (2.54meter) track. This is far enough to cut through with this item.

Another feature is a cutting straight with a smooth surface cut with a clean. With this powerful machine with a 10amp motor and 6.5-inch blade, it can cut the hardest woods. Additionally, you will worry about taking care of and clean of this product. It can be clean in quickly with a vacuum machine to extract the dust and dirt out very well and can keep for durable use. Besides, it is easy to change the blade’s settings effortlessly and quickly. It is time to enjoy cutting with cutting blades and track attachments for different styles and ways of woodcutting.

Extra features:

  • Easy to control and safe to use
  • Cutting through smoothly with tracks
  • Convenient grip handle

#4 Evolution Power Tools R185CCSX 7-1/4″ Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit w/ 40″ Track

Evolution Power Tools R185CCSX 7-1 4 Multi-Material Circular Track Saw Kit w 40 Track

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By: Evolution

This powerful best track saw cutting machine is very perfect for different purposes. It can be cut in multiple ways and styles. The cutting style can be done with many types of wood without changing the blades. This machine is powerful with 15amp to make motor work effectively and perfective to cut with accurate results. Moreover, the soft-grip handle design, it allows the users to cut the woods easily and faster. After using it, it is easy to care and clean. You can extract the dust and dirt with a vacuum machine. It does not take a longer time to do so.

This premium track saw machine has the capacity for precise cutting with a 0-45’bevel tilt pivot. Let this reliable machine get done faster and with perfect results. Besides, this saw is very safe to use and can be worth its value. Also, this is a 40-inch track and gets a wide range of cuts of different types of wood. Lastly, this compact item is durable and easy to use and care for. It should be a good choice to get one if you are searching for a set of track saws.

Extra features:

  • Use electric power 120 volts
  • Blade and track included
  • Safe to use and durability

#3 Bosch Tools Best Track Saw – GKT13-225L 6-1/2 In. Precision Saw with Plunge Action & Carrying Case

Bosch Tools Best Track Saw - GKT13-225L 6-1 2 In. Precison Saw with Plunge Action Carrying Case

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By: Bosch

Bosch is a well-known brand for mechanical machines and other tools. This best track saw Bosch is very perfect for woodcutting and other jobs related to woods. With the plunge action, this track saw offers a convenient and fast setup for cutting easier and faster.  This track saw can cut most of the woods including laminated particles and plywood. This is a great tool. Therefore, it is good for a professional. There are more attachment tracks offered for connecting multiple tracks for cuttings.

Moreover, this track saw can cut the wood or laminate with a track or not based on you. You can cut through with the accurate result and cut depth. Additionally, this saw machine is very easy to clean and care. You can use the vacuum cleaner to extract the dust effectively and faster. Besides, this track saw is a tracking adjustment with precision. You will get a surprising cutting experience. If you have never tried this product before, this one can be a better choice for you.

Extra features:

  • Overheating protection
  • Use electric power 120 volts
  • Item weight 10.2 pounds (4.6kg)

#2 Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Best Track Saw Ts 55 Req-F-Plus USA

Festool 575387 Plunge Cut Best Track Saw Ts 55 Req-F-Plus USA

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By: Festool

The Festol is very useful and effective for cutting straight and splinter-free. With this high-quality and powerful track saw, this product is very safe to use. You do not need to worry about cutting straight. Moreover, it reduces kickback and has a function antistatic. This great saw track comes with a blade changed conveniently and easily. There is a lock and unlock swift. Additionally, this item meets the standard and is cut accurately. This premium quality works great compared to most normal table track saws. Besides, it has a Micro-adjustable for flush cutting.

Moreover, this best track saw is perfect for precise cutting solutions and is perfect for daily. Also, it has a perfect weight of 7.69 pounds (3.5kg) to make it heavy enough for cutting through the materials. This product is reliable and can get your jobs done faster and easier. Lastly, it comes with other components included, saw blade, flag window, wrench, and other necessary tools.

Extra features:

  • Use power 120watt and 120volts
  • Versatile track saw
  • Safe to use

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#1 Best Track Saw, 52 into 104 in Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System

Best Track Saw, 52 in to 104 in Low Profile Straight Edge Clamp System

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By: Rockler

If you are looking for a simple track saw operation machine, this Rockler is very perfect for your needs. It can cut the wood straight with a precise and accurate finish. Besides, it can cut the large plywood and Dado slots up to a 50-inch clamp. This illustrates an effective performance. It does not require hard labor to make woodcutting done. Also, this track saw is convenient to carry with a soft-grip handle. This, allows you to control the speed and smoothness of the machine’s performance. Additionally, this track saw is also perfect for the girl with a lightweight of just 2.2 pounds (1kg).

More importantly, this simple product looks attractive and modern. Thus, it adds extra encouragement for a continuous job. It is time to have a perfect and effective one to cut the woods and other types of woods if you are a woodcutting lover. Let’s enjoy your working time and get a better result as well.

Extra features:

  • Safe to use and durable
  • Easy to use and care
  • Can use as a gift


In short, if you love woodcutting and looking for one of the best track saws to make your jobs done quickly and safely, the above best product reviews can meet your requirements and interests. After reading through, you can see the different features and performances of the products. They come with different components and operations. For this reason, you can pick the one that works best for you and enjoy woodcutting.

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