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The maintains its value to prevent and protect the privacy of the customers as priority. You are advised to read and see your personal understanding on concept of privacy bewlow.

Your Basic Information on Privacy:

We highly respect the privacy of our customers when visiting Therefore, the cookies to store the customers’ info are not applicable. Your personal information may include your full name, age, sex, address, occupation, payment, email address, password, and so on.

Affiliation Program:

Our visitors are well informed of this affiliate site is participating with the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases”. However, it is significant to note that our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons intentionally or unintentionally on our site. We have no access or authorize to control over these cookies or by third-party advertisers. Below are our partners:

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 Log files Concept:

As you know, log file is to record the transactions between the system and users which is applicable like most of another site to store basic information like searching on content or time transaction. The purpose is to serve for later system analysis of the trending of the site or traffic of site.

How to Secure Your Personal Information?

  • We will apply the software and encryption program to secure your personal info from outsiders.
  • You have to sign out when using a shared computer with anyone, even your close friends.
  • You are advised to keep your complicated password safe and privacy.
  • Please remember, you are not required to provide us your personal info, especially your payment information.
  • You should be aware to that you can manage the cookies via clicking on disable it with your browser options. More than this, you can read more on the guideline of each respective website’s privacy policy.

May you have any question on our site; you are more encouraged to ask the questions. Also, we are more than happy to get your feedback.